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In the ancient tradition of authentic, original Jewish jewelry making, the Gershi family has been a leading force, producing 925 sterling silver filigran jewelry and sliver products for generations.

Chaim Gershi continues this dynasty and is proud to present you with a wide and splendid variety of artistic jewelry and silverware products, hand made meticulously and professionally.

Here you will find vessels produced with tremendous love and a unique craftsmanship that blends body and soul together.

The current collection includes selected pieces in various models – menorahs, wine cups, candelabras, candlesticks, spice boxes and more.

In addition, there is a wide variety of beautifully designed silver jewelry items – rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

For people who understand Judaica, for fans of the authentic genre, for all those who yearn for true silver products.


Rabeinu Bechaie, author of "Chovot Halevavot","The duties of the Hearts" in the "Faith Gate" chapter the fifth introduction says:

"The rationale for which G'D Almighty obliged man to seek and woe his livelihood and all his other needs are for twq reasons:

One of the reasons being the way the Almighty tests man's soul in his worship of Him.

If G'D Almighty has decreed for man to succeed in his pursuits, man will be granted the opportunities to complete his hunt in a successful way.

But, If He has decreed for man not to succeed in his quest, man will not be able to accomplish his undertaking.

The second reason being that if man would not busy himself with the pursue of his livelihood he would reject worshiping and indulge in sins.

Therefore, dear surfer, we would like to offer you from what G'D Almighty in his mercy has granted us:

Judaica, silver articles and silver jewelry.

yours Sincerely,