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Conditions for usage:

1. The products appearing on this website are for illustration only.

2. The costs of products in this website supplied in Israel include V.A.T.; products supplied abroad do not include V.A.T.

3. Products costing less than $500 will be charged for shipping and insurance; products costing more than $500 will be sent with no charge for shipping and insurance.

Land shipment costs $20 and express shipment costs $60.

4. Payments shall be made through credit card or direct Pay Pal payments only.

Products will be supplied following payment.

5. A product that is in stock will be sent within two days of receipt of payment; a product that must be produced will be sent within two weeks.

6. Upon receiving the product by mail, the buyer shall inspect it to see that it has not been flawed in shipment and within 10 days may have it exchanged at the producer.

7. The address for exchange of products is:

9 Shimshon Hagibor St. Bnei Brak Israel. The cost for return shipment and insurance is on the part of the buyer only.

8. The producer shall not be responsible for inability to supply on time as stated in clause 5, in case of unforeseen circumstance, such as war, embargo, carnage, etc.

9. Any contention between the buyer and the producer shall be held only on the grounds of the State of Israel.

Best wishes, Chaim Gershi

Declaration of privacy

The producer is aware of the importance of protection of privacy of the buyer's information such as the details of his credit card, address and name of the buyer; steps shall be taken to protect all details of the customers.